Sunday, 1 August 2010

#2. These ones!... I luv absolutely!

… The very rare beef burger I had had finally stopped mooing in my stomach, thank goodness. Sat in my hairdressers chair on the backsides of North London, I quietly reflected on my morning and my bank account, lol! (I smiled coyly at the real cute guy getting his hair braided literally two feet from me, It would be pretty weird meeting someone at the hairdressers', I discarded the thought of giving him my blog URL almost immediately! he'd probably spend longer sorting his hair than I would mine). It wasn't funny actually, 6 weeks and not yet been paid! Couldn't complain much, my demise was down to being self employed, 30 day payment terms and me not invoicing on time… It was still painful though!
I quickly decided that my morning was definitely a less depressing thing to write about in comparison to my constantly dwindling bank account or the discussions between me and the HSBC customer services department, which typically went something like;

Ade – I’ve been charged(coyly neglecting again). I’m a loyal customer, please refund the charges (shameless begging)…
HSBC – We did that yesterday
Ade – I’m really trying to sort my finances out and you should be helping me, can I escalate to the financial ombudsman.
HSBC – Hello Miss Adeyemi , we would refund the charges this time as a gesture of goodwill.

Ade- Huge sigh of relief religiously followed by my victory chicken dance!

OK well not always but you sort of, kind of, get the general conversation flow. I was quickly running out of goodwill gestures. On second thoughts, my morning was probably more inspirational than interesting.
Shorter nights and longer days ensured that even at 7:45a.m I woke up to the slightest hint of golden sun rays enthusiastically threatening to fall through the skies. My heart steadily turned to my maker as I committed my day to Him and He returned my ode in what could only be described as a deep hug and a smile. I tossed and turned slightly longer and then reached for my HP mini and cigarettes (casually reminding myself that I needed to stop).
Face book! I covertly checked for updates and notifications and then clicked to see who was on-line… D! I had not the slightest idea that my ‘hey’ would lead to a ten minute chat and a beautiful two hr conversation. D was an older friend, male, but extremely inspiring, we spoke about everything, living principled, goals, authority and the need for it, what we were both doing now and if ‘Christians should get tattoos'. A gentle conversation yet greatly inspiring, you see D had been my pastor through my teenage years and maybe over the last few years too. I could trust and talk to him about a lot of things, he had slowly turned to becoming a friend too but still my shepherd somehow… em! Don’t ask, truth is it’s not a relationship I can define, my best attempt at explaining would just be rubbish.I can however confidently say,he is a true and genuine ‘Friend’ many of which I didn’t seem to have.

miss kiki!

An hour later, showered and headed to one of my many ladies (the hairdresser this time), my darling amazing, and constantly talking youngest brother had decided to give me a lift.(they do have their uses!)
I picked up my blackberry… ah Kiki! She had finally decided to reply my rather lame attempt at apologizing for missing the party…

‘Hey babe, party was ridiculous, U won’t believe it, so D(almost dated) came with model friend H.B Check him on Google. And then M(current man) came 3 hrs lata. And D, H.B and M all went to same school… like shiiiiitttt! Thankn God! I never duck’d D. Cause M was like how’d you know D? Omg! Omg! then H.B decided he would like us to go on a date, so now its even more stupid. So my aunty and 2 uncles’ slept ova, wish u had come’! Kall!!!

I silently cursed the mooing burger,hurried S off the phone after giving an even lamer explanation as to why Cabernet Sauvignon was way better than Merlot.. all that drama and I missed it… *sigh*… Hi Babe… I heard her shriek and I knew the party had indeed been ridiculous…