Monday, 2 August 2010

The 90 Day Rule...!

"Lots of us make bad choices romantically. It's not usually punishable by death." …Catwoman #57

Yaaay!!! It had arrived!!!… It was literally only two days ago, when I had searched for it on Amazon and ordered it… and now W.H smith had so dutifully delivered me my very own copy of Steve Harvey’s; ‘Act like a Lady, think like a man’… Since watching him speak to millions of women on Oprah, I knew I had to get it.
I smiled; I had been doing a lot of that lately and it felt amazing.Preciously looking the new addition to my library over,I tucked it neatly into my Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM, ready to read on the tube the next morning, it was going to be my ‘commute read’(hey it did promise to be more fun than eyeing up swanky city types).
Ordinarily, the acquisition of a book would not have meant so much to me but at this point in my life I was learning and ‘un-learning’ a plethora of things, I thought back to days when I thought I knew it all (haha! how naive!).
I had started speaking to this guy, M.H, and somehow Steve Harvey had promised a ton of answers to questions I needed answering to.
Now M.H was supposedly one of those really cool, swagger ridden guys, hmmm, boy! Was I in for a shock! 

Backtracking slightly… how it all began.

It was a Sunday afternoon, Kiki (or trouble) had come over and in a totally random conversation she’d mentioned his name and I stopped,no! time stopped. I had met him once years and years ago and I wanted to meet him again, simply because he had left an impression in the softest manner possible. I immediately demanded that Kiki make it happen…. 8 hours later… Monday morning greeted me with blaring repetitions of my alarm clock and Kiki handing me M.H’s BB pin.
Shit! I had actually forgotten!Some impression eh? Later that day, I added him on and he seemed like the gentlest gentleman I’d ever met. I thought wow! What a breath of fresh fresh air…

Now you really need to understand Kiki and I to understand how we stay friends, both born on the most beautiful day ever, the 21st of January (different years).
We are both extremely soulful , extremely silly, not to mention vain, intelligent (c’mon we’re both engineers) and total love birds!
I simply love the girl but too much of each other and we’re definitely going at it… its that somewhat self involved, attention seeking attitude Aquarians individually carry.. OK! Ade! (Get on with it!).

A few e mails and a telephone conversation later, M.H invited me for a drink that night. One Problem! Kiki and I had agreed we were going to make him wait for at least 3 weeks till I met up with him. I believe it was our way of enforcing 'the rules'… do not ask!Please!

Fast forward 6 hours later… really stressful day at work, I could almost taste the refreshing wave a Corona would bring as its cold, harsh, foamy texture connected with my throat.
I called him ‘hey! I’ll see you in a bit’ (he sounded shocked and maybe even a tad arrogant – 1st alarm, I ignored!)
Well! We had shared a few e mails, he definitely wasn’t a health hazard or an axe murderer so what’s the big deal eh? I hopped along slightly elated ,did a tube swap at Baker Street  heading  dutifully to Swiss Cottage. Got out the station, exit 5, and called M.H.
I was instructed to walk down the road ahead and meet him in front of Tescos’. Great I had time to call Kiki and to think… (2nd alarm, was I too old fashioned, expecting a man to at least meet me at the station entrance? I’d just done a half hour trek on the sticky, sweaty tube. I ignored again!)

Ade - ‘hey babe’
Kiki – hey where are you? (She always asked that like I was her damn husband)
Ade – hey I’m meeting M.H for drinks babe
Kiki – Get outta there babe, its too early (OMG! I hated ‘the rules’ or games)
Ade – babe but c’mon, stressful day at work, drinks and good conversation req’d.
Kiki – seriously hun! It’s too much power to give to him and too early too.
Ade – yeah! You’re right, Shit! Shit, Shit! How am I ever going to get out of here without getting caught!!!!! (full panic set in!) And WTH am I s’pposed to tell him!!!

Kiki – Babe! You’ll think of something, (it was an order)

I did my best ever ‘bond girl/cat woman maneuver as I attempted to get away from this faceless stranger, who was probably not even chasing me, phone in one hand laughing hilariously with this silly woman on the other end of the phone… Insane! (She wasn’t the one making a run for it… Lucky her!)… I knew for sure almost, that he was definitely going to turn up, already ‘beetroot red’ (hypothetically) from laughing and crying so hard and now the damn station was evading me, where was it! Shit! Shit! Shit!… by this time trust me; I was legging it out of there like my whole life depended on it… hard! Panting like crazy, phone still in hand...

Ten minutes later my Samsung H2 buzzed; two messages, one after the other in quick succession. I clicked,it read;

‘Please tell me you are not with him right now’…



Anonymous said...

Snatzy!Works now!BRB

T.Notes said...

Well hello you!!!!So i'll break my own rule a little and tell that ahhhh,this is a much needed breath of freash air!!!Great read!!!
Soooooo....what happened what happened next???Don't keep us waiting!

Ade said...

lol... t-notes! Thanks... um unfortunately you have to wait till tomorrow... but thanks!

YankeeNaija said...

Dang! on the edge, wanting more!!!! If i knew you, i would've emailed you the PDF copy of Steve Harvey's book at no cost. great book, great read, great insight, into the male mind, but he wrote this book for us in order for us to know us and be better, if that makes sense. Sorry for rambling. lol. i'm following your blog. it's too good.

Myne Whitman said...

This is very engaging, you weave a good story and I am here to stay! Welcome to blogger.

isha said...

So ummm, who sent you the message? Kiki already knew you were not going there... I'm confused. What was the 2nd message? Lol. Continuation!!!

inStilettos said...

@YN - Thanks, you're so right! - thanks for stopping by!
@MW - Thanks! luv your blog!
@isha lol! - Kiki actually didn't know if I made it out of there or not , she sent the message, but you did! so yeah - good on you :) Thanks for stopping by!

Vickii said...

Ha ha, you do write a good (and hilarious) story! Fill us in - what happened ... I've just looked and you've written 3 more posts without updating this story! Update please!

inStilettos said...

Thanks vickii... Update's on next post... :)