Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Boss! :)
So what is or
In the simplest of words it is an online apparel and accessories store targeted at Emerging African markets. At this stage its just for women, we roll out men very shortly! Did I just say 'we'... oh yeah! We!... I work with Veniviici.
Veniviici is extremely exciting for a plethora of reasons:
1) We sell fab clothes
2) We work directly with all our brands, a lot of them globally renowned and are able to bring these fab clothese and accesories to you at the same price you get them in the UK.
3) We guarantee 100% Brand authenticity and Brand integrity.
4) You can pay with your Nigerian debit cards.
5) We are extremely secure.
6) We carry only the most recent seasons!
7) We deliver within 72 hours
I could go on and on and on and on and on... however I'll leave you to go to our fantastic website,

 .... Actually! (I am now unofficially taking my CEO hat off! Let's get real jor!) :) Veniviici really is about a bunch of very ambitious, passionate, very perfectly imperfect and fun guys providing a much needed service to Nigeria, with a view to go into Africa. Trust me we're a weirdly cool bunch! :)

We love clothes and we love authentic clothes! Original O! We have therefore thoroughly sat and thought of how to get these awesome fashion items to you at the best possible prices. Please believe we fought and convinced the brands we work with to ensure that they are not only available on western platforms... aah aah Ki lo de! Must we constantly buy clothes at ridiculous prices? (one of man's major necessities! Haba!why must we buy from 'Iya Risi' who just came back from America? Why?)... How can someone be selling me an 'Atmosphere' Skirt for N6000.00! 
The one thing we as a team are is real! very real!... Read a bit about us in our stylebook .
On a more serious note ... guys drop by and wish us the best! I recently read how a 'Bill Gates', 'Steve Jobs' or a 'Mark Zuckerberg' will never emerge from Africa! Lie! I personally don't believe that! The Africa I know and respect constantly provides the best with the least possible resources at its disposal! we are just rarely acknowledged for it!

Please understand that is a statement, a creation of something out of nothing! GBAM!  
I tell my team constantly:'We have everything we need to succeed ' we simply need to work hard to stay the best! I aim to deliver excellence, I suggest you aim at that too! Anything short of that is unacceptable!'

01/10/11! With Mr Amosu
Our mission is simply this ' To provide you with the best possible service by remaining the best at what we do. Our core competence, our business! is to provide you with the most beautiful, most trendy, most recent  and authentic fashion items conveniently, at the most competitive prices and as quickly as possible!.

 Show us some love please , and keep us in your hearts and your prayers! God knows we need them!
I am keeping a journal and will keep updating my blog with extracts, so look out! Please Feedback! on here or email to ( Its the only way we'll grow!

Ade Adeyemi
 (CEO Veniviici)

facebook :!/VeniViici
twitter :!/thisisveniviici went live 01/10/11 and we have pretty much sold out our go-live stock :) 
Africa Rocks! THANK YOU GUYS!