Monday, 9 August 2010

Filters please...

… ‘Extremely Drained’ was pretty much the only sane description for what I felt on Saturday morning, literally every passing moment of the day before, Friday, held its own tale! A day of events, almost every second had forced an emotion or a feeling out of the very depths of my soul!
Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love being busy… I simply don’t particularly enjoy constantly living in a heightened state of emotion…

If ever I had a skill; it was waking up when my alarm clock went and hitting the snooze button (every 5 minutes to be exact!) till I got up, I’m an expert at this… See my alarm’s set to go off every morning at 5:30…  this morning it did! I snoozled (a word I coined) till 7:51, utter confusion set in when I realized I had half an hour to get showered and dressed. (Sheer Panic!)
8:51: sordid tiff with the ‘metro’ (free morning paper for commuters),my damn horoscope had the effrontery to tell me I was slightly cheeky and had reached my limit with the work jokes. I actually went through the day fixated with monitoring every word I spoke … WTH? I was so mad!!! (LoL! had to laugh at this one!)
9:00: met a friend of a friend I had met a really long time ago on the tube. I tapped her lightly;
no response, she was engrossed in her copy of the metro… persisting,I tapped slightly harder, silently praying I didn't have the wrong girl! This time she responded(sigh of Relief!), we swapped BB pins and numbers (we'll probably never talk till we randomly bump into each other again of course!) 
12:00: Lunch with J & A, two amazing interns, now this had to be the best part of my day. An hour filled with sarcasm and unbridled wit! Amazing! An Absolute riot! My brain took a short trip into over drive as it thought up equally snarky comments to throw at these two… nothing!(Ecstatic)
13:30-16:00: I had made the complex decision to hot desk with a bunch of extremely creative designers! … Wrong move! Gay sarcasm and laughter filled my entire work day! Constant coffee! (drained! happy!)
16:30: Met really cute guy at the coffee machine… you do see a pattern here, don’t you? (flustered was the feeling! Hot and bothered!)
17:56: Woman (silly… pun intended!) adequately wedged herself between the doors on the Bakerloo line. I cringed! It looked extremely painful. Four very large, very burly men came to her rescue as they ripped the hungry, vicious doors apart. Another sigh of relief, now that scared the bejesus out of me. I honestly thought the drama was over until I heard the even sillier train driver over the intercom, loud and clear;

“The lady who just wedged herself between the doors, that was an absolute smart thing to do… its not particularly a smart thing to wait for the next train, it was probably easier to get caught between the doors… wasn’t it?”… Damn! What a donut! Poor woman cowered in shame. (I laughed it was hilarious! I did feel sorry for her I actually felt her shame!) Everyone else looked straight on, lips turned up slightly at the corners (highly conservative Brits!) he he! (I laughed some more!)

18:06: Amazing write up on Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl’s Nate Archibald). I was elated, not sure if my mood was as a result of the unmistakably brilliant writing or at the gorgeous photos of  Chace! Yaay! The next few minutes saw me through hot flushes, disgust, anger and ridiculous laughter at, Italian president, Berlusconi and his chauvinistic one-liners, this time, to deputy Nunzia de Girolamo: (source of info - The Evening Standard - evening paper for commuters!)
- ‘What splendid earrings, Nunzia’ he said ‘You know they say women with large earrings have a large desire to…

Gosh! To think I thought David Cameron’s mis-speak on Iran having nuclear weapons (major foreign policy gaffe) was really bad! I shut the paper firmly, clearly not soon enough, my horoscope had delivered another morbid warning as it advised that I avoid heavy conversation because people around me were ultra-sensitive.... (Psshh! Did these people know my family, colleagues or friends?, who were they to make such bold statements!)

18:15: Disembarking at Waterloo, I hesitated for a moment, the gap between the train and platform was huge. Instinctively I tightened my grip on my iPod and jumped (terrified was the emotion that held on to me!; okay! Only slightly!).
I found my way out of the station, a messy loop of arrows forced me to walk lopsided and sideways… bad, bad, design! Between wondering who was responsible for the pathetic architecture and why it had been signed off, I typed the words; ‘I really want to see you!’. In one breath, I  felt; nostalgia, happiness, confusion and distress...

18:30: Business ‘meet’ with Andre; we talked about focus groups, my fears, my concerns, moving forward and next steps. It suddenly hit me… this is really happening; I'm actually building a business (I was excited, elated and nervous!)
19:00: Train surfaced at Finchley Road, The familiarity of North London welcomed me!
My phone chirped;
‘What are your plans for tonight?’… (Can't even begin to explain what I felt here... excitement maybe!)

I made a conscious effort  to put a halt to absorbing  information over the weekend… I had exceeded my mental capacity to feel, think or process anything other than 'Dynasty'; no more! … I did however, stop briefly to ponder Clay Shirky’s words:

‘it's not information overload it's a filtering problem’.
The rationale behind that statement was; for centuries we've had to deal with drones and drones of information. hence, our problem was not the amount of information, it was simply that we were getting worse at filtering it... hmm! I'm still thinking this one through! Not really sure I agree!.. (I'm currently in contact with the world via twitter, linked-in, facebook and BIS!... sounds like more information to me! hhm... maybe not!) 

10:00 am Monday morning:  Bought a copy of  Rodney Yee's; Power Yoga Total Body and  and made a conscious effort to filter, filter, filter…

Quick Question: Does anyone else have days like this?


YankeeNaija said...

Not while of vacay. although, when i get back into school at the end of th month, it'll be like this again. Oh bliss.

seye said...

What a day that would have been for you. I also second your filtering!!!

inStilettos said...

oh YN! Vacay! I'm absolutely green with envy...:)
@seye, thanks for coming through!

Lara said...

What a day...Had days like this back in school...also the filtering thingy.

T.Notes said...

@"Everyone else looked straight on, lips turned up slightly at the corners (highly conservative Brits!" Its one thing i could never quite stand/understand about the Brits!!!In time one does get used to it. Brrrrr!

T.Notes said...

@"building ur own business..."Cool! Should upd8 us on that so we spur u on.
N days like this...sheesh,guess we all got em somedays.