Friday, 30 July 2010

Randomly me...

...all I did was get in from work this evening with this insatiable desire to blog!...aaarggghhh! unreal! not again... My name's Ade and I'm a short term, serial blogger. I have started and deleted too many blogs, hadn't this unnecessarily complicated 29 1/2 year old living on the inside of me simply figured out that I was an excellent 'starter' and that was it. I sometimes wonder if I suffer from ADHD/ADD *sigh*... hmmmm!
The internal struggle went on for all of five minutes and of course, the starter in me won, however we laid down some ground rules. I WILL blog and I WILL post pictures. This time we're not anonymous and we'll write fun and useful stuff. We'll update at least once a week and we would love for you to comment.p.s we will moderate :)
We will not get too personal and we won't bare it all.
At 29, oh and a half, I've slowly become very self aware, fantastically the last few months have been amazing and I'm almost too scared to close my eyes, You might want to ask why '?'... In the very wise words of Aerosmith - 'I don't want to miss a thing' simply,oh by the way I'm extremely vain, I need the beauty sleep and I did watch an episode of 'House' in which the very sexy Hugh Laurie insinuated that death was unavoidable after 14 days of being awake,does it matter that he's not a real doctor? (note to self - call Mo and check). My point is 'I must sleep', so I decided to document almost every minute of the next few years. Hopefully you'll get to know me if you don't already or maybe even just get to know me better.

Apart from loving all things Jimmy Choo, I carry a lifetime goal to be totally happy, the ultimate point where ying meets yang... I completely adore 'Carrie Bradshaw' not Sarah... Carrie, and pathetically, desperately want her life. I do wonder is 'Carrie' all that she is because she has Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte and maybe even 'Big'... or would she be 'Carrie' without the crew?
I am a bit of a tomboy - slowly converting, that's definitely down to the engineer in me and finally my penchant for life is second to none. I simply luv to live. The next few years will be extremely significant to me...networking events, great parties, a bit about work and my journey to starting a business, I'll keep you informed on fab events,my time at central St. Martins, great recipes, great restaurants, McDreamys' and McSteamys', literally anything and everything. As all Londoners know, we live in an incredibly exciting city. Samuel Johnson says it excellently 'when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life'...I absolutely heart London!!!

I simply live a daunting mass of contradictions...


p.s enjoy the louboutins! Whats a girl without her guilty pleasures :)


YankeeNaija said...

Great shoes, great post. As one who lives in L.A., I've always been fascinated w/ the UK. Looking forward to reading about your adventures.

Vickii said...

Hopefully your blogging will last a while! You write well - your enthusiasm and zest come across loud and clear and are contagious! I heart all things SATC but not particularly Carrie - I do agree that Carrie is Carrie because of the other three in her life (not so much Big; they should never have ended up together):D

inStilettos said...

@YN! Can't believe I missed this. Thanks! wow! LA! I've always wanted to visit... must be amazing!
@Vickii... Thank you! I'm extremely humbled... lol @ 'Carrie is Carrie because of the other three in her life (not so much Big; they should never have ended up together):D'... I love them together!