Friday, 10 September 2010

SATC keeps me focused...

I winced in pain from being so tired this morning; I cried (actual tears). Gosh! I felt my body aggressively plead for me to stay in. Ignoring (I’m a contractor!); I unwillingly embarked upon what eventually turned out to be an hour’s and a half 'prep of perfection' for work; London didn't need to know I was tired. Yesterday was so bad! I actually fell asleep at my desk! Good God!...

I gently reflected on the past week. My thoughts grazing steadily on the hazy, week-long attempt at settling into my new apartment, a huge make up purchase (hey blame Lancôme… its fab stuff!), a trip to one of my ladies; (the hairdresser), the cup-cake order, I'd placed with Vickii (anyone who can boast of better cakes than hummingbird and can produce 'a mojito-flavoured cupcake' is a winner with me- hmm! will let you know, I'm expecting they'll be fantastic), the beautiful dinner with him and lame stabs at Rodney Yee’s power yoga, (give me some credit for sweating) at the start of the week.

I got in about 18:30 after a brief stop at Tesco’s’, rearranged my bathroom closets, hung up laundry and tidied the flat. The rationale being I had a cleaner coming in on Sunday morning and needed to ensure things were a certain way so that she’ll keep them that way (My devious plan was to also create more time for her to finish the ironing within the stipulated 3 hrs:)). Friends over on Saturday also meant it had to look reasonably clean; pizza, beer, great conversation and wine feels like the only sane way to claw back from this crazily, insane week and I love entertaining.

My reflections had actually begun their 'somewhat immense botherings' yesterday; being so physically tired meant I felt crap mentally. I couldn’t even piece together the minutest of details, my focus was shot!  Neck gagged like a ‘processing bottleneck’! that was all okay! at least manageable until my confidence levels began to drop. God NO! Now that couldn’t happen, I clearly needed to get back in focus and reallign with the inner me. I was totally misallinged; deharmonised, internal ying-yang virtually gone.

The much needed ‘me-time’ began with an intense hour long regeneration to my face, deep pore cleansing, ‘black heads’ being annihilated, invigorating treatments and microdermabrasion (Body Shop vitamin C polisher highly recommended!). Gosh! I love Lancôme! (Body shop is great but it doesn't come close)... at the end of it my skin felt clean. Dinner! We had a no carbs after 20:00 rule; so a couple of frankfurters, some left over steak and SATC 1 (the movie), I settled in comfortably on the living room sofa, duvet wrapped around tightly!.
It was the umpteenth time I was seeing it but it always made me cry. I cried when Carrie and Big decided to get married, I cried when Big left Carrie at the library, I cried when Carrie did the Vogue Bridal shoot, I cried when Louise came into Carrie’s life, I cried when Big proposed, I cried when he took her out of City hall and her friends were waiting, I cried at pretty much every scene; Gosh! When Charlotte found out she was pregnant, when Miranda and Steve fell out and when they got back, when Samantha broke up with Smith because she wanted to focus on the relationship with herself… and then I laughed so hard when Charlotte ‘shit’ herself and then when Samantha got fat from her new night time hobby. It was fantastic all round- again!

It did make me wonder about me; (I did say I was self-involved:)) had I come to London for the 2 Ls’ too? I had already developed a strong love for Labels… hmmm! Love… we’ll see about that one!
I wanted my own girlfriends, you know the group that looks fab constantly,  that goes to London Fashion Week every year, looks out for each other, has amazing dinners and lunches, gives each other great celebratory toasts and never kisses and tells… does it really exist?

Tonight however, I’m going to be watching SATC again, this time the series, for as long as my weary eyes can cope, really excited about Saturday and next week;
Monday sees me to Selfridges with George and Angeliki; yaay! for my LV gallieria GM in Damier Azur and some well deserved cuts from the food hall (hey! the meats are hung for 28 days) from the food hall; lush!!!. Tuesday; Zumba, Wednesday; I meet with Akua as we discuss Ivanaa collaborating with the Rhian Benson expose, Thursday, I have got to meet with my darling cousin, Fedmund!, might be able to do some business with him… Friday! Another SATC ‘me –time’… It does keep me focused! :)... Oh and 'Sky' (finally!) and my paintings come in the morning... Fab!!!!!!... Oh and ofcourse, I've got to start reading 'The Carrie Diaries'... Still Physically tired but mentally I'm rejuvenated... well now I have 'a journey' class to head to... have a fantastic w/end people!



*Musco I'm still watching you! he he!


YankeeNaija said...

I wanna be u when i grow up. And the only part of that movie SATC (1) I cried at was when Miranda and Steve meet at the bridge, see each other, run to each other. I totally lose it. Enjoy doll face.

inStilettos said...

hey darl! you're clearly a much stronger person than me... have a fab w/e hun! :)

musco said...

I'm being watched??????? You are really beginning to scare me ...

No wonder YN wants to be like u when she's grown up (from what I know, isn't she grown up already??), you have a cleaner come in on Sundays ... please let's swap places for a week.


RaShelle said...

Hey!! What a post. Wow. I loved SATC. Watched it several times myself. I don't know if friends like Carrie has exists. If it does, let me know.

Hypo question 1: If you moved west (US) from London when you were say 18 and went to college - your family still lived in London and you went back to visit from time to time, but ended up getting a job here - would you ever lose your fantastic accent (yes, I hear it)? LOL

question 2: flat = apartment
mum = mom

Would you be willing to share some other words with me?

I'm trying to pick your gorgeous brain. LOL =D

inStilettos said...

Lol@ Musco... hey rashelle! thanks for coming through its always a pleasure... I sent you an e mail!

Vickii said...

Lol thanks for the mention ... eat my cupcakes in a couple of weeks and judge for yourself :D

I love SATC too but I much prefer to the series to the movies. The first film was alright; I refuse to ever watch the second one again - painful as it is for me to say that! My fav moments of the movie are both with Charlotte; after Big doesn't show up at the wedding and they drive by each other on the street and Carrie hits him with the flowers. Then he is about to walk towards her again and Charlotte steps forward and says 'No! No!' and then later when she sees him in the retaurant and gives him her 'I curse the day you were born' speech :D

Sounds like a fab week for you this week ... enjoy!!